About ADL

We here at ADL have one goal and that is to become the UK's largest retailer in the automobile components sector. We sell everything a DIY mechanic needs such as; interior and exterior clips, window kits, window clips, cable ties and much more. we operate within the uk and have massive amounts of high quality stock to sell at a fair price.

We offer free first class UK delivery delivered by the royal mail and international standard delivery for anywhere else in the world. there is no limit on how much or little you can purchase.  if you have any questions about products or plan on making a huge order to help stock a business i.e a garage please email us and we will do everything we can to help. our office is open as early as 9am and we close at 5pm (Monday-Thursday) Fridays we close at 3pm so any questions or orders will be processed within those times. Our preferred method is Email this way we can write out long winded solutions and swap images to aid in resolving the issue.

Our contact information is displayed at the bottom right of the webpage.